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Recent Activity

Rogue file causes backup to fail

I do a backup on my Linux system by a simple copy of my files. It halts when it gets to two files, saying they can't be copied, they are:com.zoom.ipc.assistantapp__reqcom.zoom.ipc.assistantapp__resThey are empty and I'll take a risk and delete them, ...


Estimados, buenas tardes:Presento problemas con la opción "Grabar en la nube" pese a que en la lista de grabaciones se encuentra vacía. Me gustaría saber cuál es la razón que tenga inhabilitada la opción, como puedo recuperarla. Quedo a la espera de ...

How to continously use zoom

Hello. I signed up on 4/19/2023 for a monthly Zoom fee.However, it ended after 40 minutes of use.I'm a monthly subscriber, so please take steps to keep me able to use Zoom. I appreciate it. Kyung Suk Choi

Zoom Connectivity Issues

Hi Team,I am using my hp zoom account for project meetings. I have installed the zoom application in my work laptop and having issues in connectivity. The first time login after a new installation works fine where as not able to connect to zoom app (...

Resolved! ビジネスプランからプロプランへのダウングレードが出来ない


Network Error

Dear all!My problem is that I cannot access zoom using my credentials on gmail.com. I type my email, I insert my password but the only thing I can see on my screen are two words in red: Network Error. It does not let me in. It is the second day I can...

audio issues

Hi Im new zoom1 and Id like to record a video training from a desktop url I just received on email on zoom screen share. I can hear the trainer but the zoom recording does not pick up the audio from my computer speakers. How do I set audio to record ...