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What is OnZoom?

Host and attend virtual events and experiences through OnZoom, Zoom's online event platform and marketplace. Explore the Community's Recent Activity below to join the OnZoom conversation and connect with other members. If you're still looking for support, browse our OnZoom support articles or start a new discussion below!

Recent Activity

Missing a recording

I recorded a meeting yesterday but I can't remember if I recorded it locally or to the cloud. Either way, I don't see it in my recordings list. Does anyone know how I can confirm that I recorded it. After the meeting was over I saw a message saying i...

Recording on zoom using Meeting Owl Pro

I am using meeting owl pro as my camera and microphone for a zoom meeting in a large conference room. I have done a few runs and cannot seem to get the audio to record using zoom. I have double-checked that meeting owl is checked for video and audio....

kbash by Listener
  • 0 replies

Resolved! Zoom Screen Sharing

The host is sharing a video, but the video was lagging so we couldn't even hear it or watch it. Me and my friends' WIFI are all fine. The host's WIFI is fine too, his video is as smooth as ever. He tried turning off his video and all our videos, but ...

Erro ao baixar os arquivos da gravação

Ontem finalizei a reunião e o sistema ZOOM começou a baixar as gravações. Demorou bastante a baixar os arquivos e as duas primeiras reuniões não tiveram baixados (download) os arquivos de áudio e vídeo. Peço assim, para evitar a perda das gravações, ...


I cannot edit my current poll.

IM1 by Listener
  • 1 replies

Having Problem in Joining with my Rooted Device

i have education website named as EducationSpot .i am teaching students through Zoom app. I just rooted my Android device. Now i am not able to join Zoom meeting. My students are waiting for me. Plz tell me the answer.


If you spotlight multiple people, will they all be on the screen the whole time or only when each of them speak?

Jen4340 by Listener
  • 4 replies

Audio headphone issues

So, I have this recent issue. In zoom meetings, whenever I plugin my earphones, it shows unable to detect microphone and speaker even though the tests show all are working properly. But when I remove my earphones from the audio jack, it gets solved i...

My plan ??

How much does my current plan cost me?  Monthly or annually?

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