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Your meetings will shortly be summarised for you by Zoom's new AI tools.


Your meeting duties will be handled by AI thanks to a partnership between Zoom and OpenAI. Here is what to anticipate.
Three years after the pandemic, when Zoom's popularity spiked, it is now receiving an AI makeover.

As part of its expansion of Zoom IQ, a smart companion for Zoom, Zoom revealed on Monday that it would be using OpenAI's technology to add AI experiences that could improve the workflows of its users. Also: How large is this brand-new creative AI? Think of the chaos on the internet.

Zoom IQ has been gradually adding smart features, such as smart conference recordings, over the past year. AI-powered productivity tools like text generation and chat topic summaries are now available in Zoom.

Zoom IQ chat create and Zoom IQ email compose, both of which generate text, 

will use generative AI to create messages and responses based on human guidance and conversational context.

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A meeting's contents will be automatically summarised in real time by the Zoom IQ meeting summary function. You can use this feature to rapidly catch up on what you missed if you arrive late to a meeting.

When the meeting is over, the recap is sent in a shareable format to the Zoom Team Chat so that the team can view the meeting's materials and any recommended next steps.