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Web Cam Works on All Sites Except One


greetings.   my webcam works correctly on all zoom meetings except 1...! and i cannot figure why that is.  i did an internet web cam test and worked correctly.  Is there some optional settings for this that i need to investigate...?   for info: this is a zoom meeting id 264 616 8381 with PW 805991   thks


Community Champion

Hi @zen-ken thank you for your post here on the Zoom Community! Just a quick heads up it's typically not recommended to put your meeting ID and passcode into the community since it's a public site. If you were to open a support ticket with Zoom it would be ok to share that information since it's in a private message between you and our support group. You may even want to edit this post to remove the meeting ID and passcode. 


That being said when you are in the meeting what happens when you try to start your video? Are you able to unmute your video using the icon in meeting? I'm curious if the Zoom client is showing that your video is muted or unmuted when you look in the lower left side of the meeting client


The image above was taken with my video muted. 


I'm also curious if you are able to click the up arrow next to the video icon and just make sure you are using the proper camera. 




So I tried that and it still doesn't work, my mic works and my cam works on every other site besides zoom. I tried trouble shooting and it dint help me either. Dose anyone know how to fix this??