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'Share' Button on Private Event


Is there anyway to take the 'Share' button off my private event page.   The whole point of it being Private is that I don't want it shared.  I realize that I can't completely prevent people from sharing the link, but having a 'Share' button with 5 different ways to share the link IS NOT HELPING. 


I realize that I can create specific settings to only allow certain people into the meeting, but I need people to be able to register for the event (access the link) as soon as they join my private website community.   (They join, they can see the community, they can see the link). 


I thought I had finally found a solution to host a zoom meeting that prevented  unwanted people from joining.  Clearly I have not.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @bethbookclub, you can take advantage of registration for a meeting and manually approve and deny registrants that you know are going to be attending your private event via email or name. 


For example, you can look into the Scheduling a meeting with registration KB article for more info on registration and manual approval. 


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