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OnZoom Host privilege


Under the Webinar section in my web Profile, it says:


"You can host a free 30 minute webinar today on OnZoom! Contact your IT Admin to enable you to host. Learn more about how to get started here."


When I go to and go to "Become a Host" it says:


"If you are the owner or admin of your Zoom account, go to the account’s web settings to grant your account access to become an OnZoom Host."

I am the account Owner and Admin - on a Business Account.


But where do I give myself the OnZoom Host privilege, so I can use my free 30 minute OnZoom webinar?


I do not see it under Settings or Role management.


Thank you.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hey @Rupert


So sorry this is a delayed response. Have you successfully become an OnZoom Host yet? 


I'm also curious if you've explored this support article regarding authorizing OnZoom: