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Help! I accidentally trim all of the recorded class and only got 1 min instead of 1hr & 50min record


Help, I did the most silly thing today, I accidentally trim all of my zoom meeting & only managed to get 1min and a few seconds.  How can I get the original recorded zoom meeting back please.  I have looked at deleted files but can't find anything.  


The only thing i have is the recorded zoom meeting of 1min I'm really stressed.


Any help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you



Some notes on the new changes to trim recording changes can be found here:


Some updated instructions can be found here:


If you want to give specific feedback, you can do that here:


Or if you have a particular roadblock, and if you have a Paid account, you can always contact Support here:


You can also check out some other Community discussions about Trimming here:


Hope this helps.



No Rupert none of your suggestions help very much but, hey, thanks for trying.
Anything is better than the zero support offered by Doom.


I did the same thing. Typically if you open up the trimmed video, there will be an statement under the recording that says you can restore the original video for thirty days. Maybe you can look and see it that's available for you. Unfortunately it is not showing up as an option on mine.

I can see the message but there is literally no information or link to enable you to do this.

This new interface sucks big time.