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After launch of Poll it is getting ended automatically


We use poll option widely for our zoom meeting where 300 to 450 members will leverage to answer for the poll.  From past 2 months, the poll is getting ended automatically on adhoc basis.  Out of 10 polls, some day poll 3, 4, 7 will end automatically.  Some other day poll 6, 8, 9 will get ended automatically.


This poll is very critical for us, We are really seeking help to fix this problem.  We do have 1000 user license.  


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I had this issue as well 2 weels ago.  I think its a bug on Zoom end.  I turned to Zoom support and they helped me.  Issue seemed to be resolved when we ended the meeting (we could not access the results during the meeting which has a big issue)


Thankyou Denise for your response.

I am able to see the results as expected when ended the meeting.  ONLY issue that i am facing is - Poll is getting ended in 2 seconds or 5 seconds or 10 seconds where i want to end my self after 30-40 seconds.