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zoommtg protocol no longer working




I work for an MSP. We manage patches for our clients. I have a client who, after a recent update to Zoom version 5.14.15877, can no longer open Zoom meeting (zoommtg) links. It comes up with a prompt to choose an app from the Microsoft store. When they go to join a meeting, a new one-time installer of Zoom specific to that meeting is downloaded. I checked protocol handlers and app defaults by file extension and zoommtg was nowhere to be found. Tried to join a test meeting in the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox to no avail. Any help is greatly appreciated!



Having the same issue here. Trying to SSO and it goes to the browser, you log in and the last step when it is supposed to callback to the app, nothing happens, checking the console it states there is no handler for zoommtg so not sure what's going on but this is a complete blocker, so Teams it is for the meeting today.