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how can i download all my recordings in one go? 

Or do i need to download one by one. 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi Amit,


As of now, the only option is to download the cloud recordings is one by one in the Zoom web portal.

However, the option to do bulk downloads of recordings has been submitted already to our Product team as a featyre request. 

You may follow us at, and  for new products and feature announcements.


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Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer




Even though Zoom doesn't do this directly, DropBox supports automatic downloading of Zoom recordings - you just need to link DropBox and Zoom (from within DropBox).  You'll probably need a paid DropBox account to have enough space, or be very diligent about moving videos from your DropBox folder on your device over to a non-DropBox folder.  But DropBox will notify you when Zoom recordings have been transferred, and in time (not long, in my experience) they'll be on your local drive, if you have the Zoom folder within DropBox set to sync on your device.


See this DropBox weg page under the Automatically copy Zoom cloud recordings to Dropbox section for more details.

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