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zoom recording taking a long time to process


I recorded a zoom recording yesterday and it is still processing 24 hours later. Any idea how to remedy this? Any other recording I have done has taken only a few minutes to process.

Many thanks



Hi Heididunc, Hime-Tama here.


Is it moving or is it stuck at 0%? If it is stuck at 0%, you might want to check the file size of the "double click to convert 01.zoom" file. If it is really small (i.e. 0KB, 2KB, etc.), your recording might be corrupted. Otherwise, cancelling the conversion and double clicking either of the "double click to convert" files again to restart the conversion should be helpful. Doing the same should work if the conversion loading bar was moving yesterday but has stopped today.

If it is moving, then it is likely that the file size is really big because your meeting ran REALLY long, and it's just taking very long to process, or that your computer might be  running low on storage space on the drive that the Zoom meeting was recorded to.

Hope this helps. 


Hi Hime-Tama,

Thanks so much for responding so quickly. It was a ten minute recording with a powerpoint presentation and video. I've done similar ones and they were all about 40 KB so not very big at all. 

I do not actually know how to click to convert. It just says processing recording and does not say how far along it is. I have attached a photo of what I see on my screen.

Thanks again for your help. I actually recorded this presentation 4 times and this one was the one I was finally really happy with 😞

Hi Heididunc,


Hime-Tama here again. I've taken a look at the screenshot, and I can't tell if you recorded the meeting to the cloud.  Since that is the case, in the same page as that screenshot you sent me, you can try selecting the little checkbox on the far left of the zoom recording you were trying to download. Once the box is checked, you can click the "export" button next to the blue search button and then you'll most likely be prompted to select a location to save the zoom recording to. However, I see you have one meeting that is still black in color, which means it is not done syncing yet. You might want to check if you're running out of zoom cloud storage space. If you are, you might want to consider saving some of the old meeting recordings by exporting them to your computer and deleting them from the cloud. There is another possibility as to why it isn't blue like the others, and that is because it was recorded to your computer (local).

If you recorded the meeting to a local directory, you can go into your zoom settings and take a look in the "Recording " tab. The very first thing you see on the list there should be "store my recording at:" followed by a directory. Click the "open" button and you might see a bunch of files. The filename should correspond with the name of your meeting.

Do update me on whether this works! 

Hi Hime-Tama,

I just went into the recording to try your suggestion and it has finally processed! Phew! I'm not sure what it took so long although it does say while it normally only takes twice as long as the recording it can sometimes take up to 48 hours. 

I really appreciate your advice. Thanks so much!

Have a lovely day 🙂


No problem, always happy to help. Don't forget that  sometimes webpages left overnight can be pretty deceiving, because some of them don't reload automatically when your computer exits sleep mode in order to prevent you from losing unsaved changes.