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zoom constantly logs itself out


I am having trouble with zoom meetings where it just constantly logs itself out. 

In normal times it seems  there's no problem. 

But, I think when the host shares his screen, it automatically signs me out. 

and an error message pops up saying an unidentified problem occured? (It's in Korea so i translated it in english) 

Would anyone know why this keeps happening? 


Zoom Moderator

Hi @davidhyjang, are you using the latest version of Zoom? If you are, try uninstalling and reinstalling to see if that resolves your issue. Please let me know if this helps! 

You know that was the first thing i tried but that doesn’t help. 
The funny thing is that the error occurs only when the host shares its screen. 
And when that happens, it automatically kicks me out of the meeting then automatically signs me back in

and then signs me out completely. All of this happens in few seconds. 
I’ve searched through the web but can’t seem to find a solution to this. 


 I am having this issue too and cannot find a solution


I have actually solved my problem. 

The problem was that i downloaded the 32bit not 64 bit version .

When you click download it downloads the 32bit version. 

You should check which version you have downloaded. 


Disable hardware acceleration and it will stay connected.