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zoom audio


I have been using zoom since COVID for my studio yoga classes, music playing in the background and giving instruction during the class. The classes are recorded and saved on my laptop and recent as an mp4.

The audio during the live recording is great but the recorded version (to mp4) the audio is choppy. The background music can barely be heard, my voice when facing the microphone is clear but if I'm in a yoga pose on the floor or facing away from the mic its choppy and distorted.  The audio setting was set to low background noise, and next im going to try out the audio setting for musicians for studio sound.  I want it to record like it did before, background music and my voice without distortion, one smooth video recording please!


This issue started when i moved into my new laptop and installed zoom to this new pc a few weeks ago. The computer microphone and speakers sound great when I listen to youtube music its clear and crisp.  I think its a setting on zoom audio. 


Can someone please help!