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video not dispaying on my screen




I am having problems seeing the video when in a meeting. The other participants in the meeting can see my video  and I can see that my integrated camera is on (I am using a laptop). The problem is that I cannot see any video - either my own or from the other participants in the meeting.


I have checked the privacy settings and It set to allow access to camera for Zoom.


I have had a meeting using Teams and there was no issue seeing my own video as well as from the other meeting's participants.


I have also uninstalled and re-installed Zoom -  no change. Software is up to date with Version: 5.15.5 (19404)


So the video is working but Zoom is not showing any of the video feeds in the meetings. My screen is a solid black.


It is a Dell Inspiron 7559, Windows 10 Education, OS build 19045.3208 - it is up to date.


Any help would be appreciated.


Regards, AB29




Unfortunately I can't help you, but I have exactly the same problem!
I'm working on an iMac. System Settings show me camera is working correctly, but in Zoom meeting I see just a black screen... 
Due to the fact I'm a host and I'm waiting for the audience, a solution for this is quite urgent!!