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video flickering / freezing constantly


When I start a call my video flickers and freezes 
I look like I'm "doing a boomerang" 
It is particularly bad when I open up a internet browser page but it just happens 
I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling 
I've tried updating windows 




I'm having exactly the same problem and I have reinstalled Zoom but it hasn't solved anything. This began 2 days ago after the latest update. Can't contact Zoom for help as my payment package doesn't allow it. It's really bad at the beginning of meetings, seems to get worse when I click on other things like sharing screen. It sometimes stabilizes after a while but is generally really bad throughout. Freezing image, distorted, everything turning green and me jerking around all over the place like I'm on a roller coaster. 


Found this post. I have made these changes and so far so good.


I had to go into the video settings & change 2 things:

1) Change the "Adjust for low light" from Auto to "manual"

2) Click the "Advanced" (in video settings still), and uncheck the "Optimize quality of the video/send with de-noise"


So far so good, it has been a fix for me, hope this helps you too!!

Ah thank you. I will give it a try. It was exactly the same for me (after the update 2 days ago). I think Zoom are trying to get people to up-grade 

Thanks again for the tip 


Found this on another thread, it worked for me ...


Currently installing an older version of Zoom is the only way to fix it, below an official link for the latest version on 5.12.x for macOS. You'll need to uninstall your current version with Zoom open via the menubar. Make sure to avoid any update prompts until a fixed version has been installed.

Zoom Client 5.12.9 [macOS]

Windows :

5.12.9 64-bit:

5.12.9 32-bit:

Remember that it's generally not recommended to install an older version of Zoom so this is only a solution until the 5.13+ branch gets fixed.




I have the same issue since Jan.11th, when I updated zoom to the latest version. It was so embarrassing that my video stopped every few minutes during a meeting with my client.

I'm going to downgrade it and see if it's solved. 


I'm really tired of this frankly.  I do not use a free version of Zoom either.  Have you noticed there is markedly conflicting advice on what to do about this freezing problem that has emerged?  It does not inspire confidence in a key part of my business; I have very limited tolerance for this and, for me, competitors offer greater stability.  I would prefer to avoid big changes but I cannot get a reply to support emails.



I downgraded my zoom soft to Version: 5.12.9 for Mac, then the issue has been solved.