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using zoom with an iPad and an iPhone (as a document camera)


Hi there,

Using an iPhone (as a document camera) with a macBook in Zoom is very simple, because you can share your screen with iPhone/ipad by airplay or by cable.

Using an iPad instead of a Macbook? there is no option to share the screen with an iPhone.


What for?:

we want to make a Zoom conference with our grandchildren per iPad with zoom.

the document camera (iPhone) shows a reading/picture book, which is under the document camera ("streamed").

The "stream" of the document camera should be shared in zoom, 

so that the grandchildren can see the reading/picture book in full size and grandma/grandpa in a little window.


Do you have any hint for this use case?

thx a lot




Sorry, I don't know, which "Select Location" would be the best.