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updating zoom


I cannot find a way to check on updates to my zoom client within zoom. There is no CHECK UPDATES that I can find. Can you assist me?



Hi Daniel,


In the apk (that's the Zoom app installed on your device for PC)  cick on your profile photo then check for updates. It's 3rd from the bottom.


When I open up my installed Zoom app on my desktop, there IS no where that I can find that it says check for updates. That is why I posted here. I have a paid version of Zoom with privacy  installed so you'd think there would be something there. I see a notice that november 1, we'll have to have a version  that is less than 9 months old. I don't even know how to check what version I have or where to look to find out.


AHHHH. I was opening up zoom and looking, But when I simply clicked on the icon the screen I usually bypass to get to my meetings list popped up and there it was, DUH. You'd think I'd have seen that. Thanks everyone


This is what I meant by the APK screen by the way.

This was totally helpful. Found it., I'm up to date. Thanks