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update 5.16.0 (22201) (64 bits) is not working


Hello. Yesterday when accessing zoom for win10 desktop I received an error message 50003. I tried to update to the new version 5.16.0 (22201) (64 bits), but now the installation of the new version is not completed and no error is displayed. Is anyone else going through this? Thanks.



We are also having the same problem.

After updating to "Zoom version 22201," I was unable to connect meeting,updating,sign-in scheme.
We can connect them by reverting to the previous version of Zoom.

When I used a computer that is "not restricted by web filtering", I could connect even with version 22201.
but I set "*" to allow connections on my web filtering system, the situation does not change.

Does "Zoom version 22201" connect to websites other than "*"?


I'll add what I learned new.
Our company uses Palo Alto's web filtering products.
This product has a function that decrypts communications using the https protocol along the route to ensure security.
It seems that this decryption function has a negative effect on zoom.
After setting the web filtering product settings console to not decrypt communications for "*", I was able to access zoom client normally.


I hope this story is useful for band_jw.


I've been told that this issue is with the version of OpenSSL (3.1.1) that was included with 5.16.  the new version of OpenSSL is causing issues with our firewall.


I was not given an ETA on how long till a fix but they said to either disable SSL decryption for * or downgrade to 5.15.2.

It looks like this was where we needed to look for a resolution. Thanks sbaker.