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unable to use camera, forced to have virtual background

anyone knows how to email to zoom support???
I need your help for camera settings, i have trouble what ever i do, i have never before experienced this.
i have trouble with opening my camera, virtual background is locked.
 I did uninstall and reinstalled - no effect.
What ever i enable or disable virtualbackground in my settings it is the same, see screenshots.
The None background is passive, virtual background is locked.
Picture 3: Notice that default golden gate is active, whatever settings.
I disable virtual background on the web account and restart the client, restart computer.
I client request enable virtualbackground for using camera.
Can you please help me?
What is happening?


Sometimes this happens if your computer isn't able to use virtual backgrounds. You may have to update your graphic drivers. I couldn't use virtual backgrounds on my old laptop until I upgraded the amount of RAM. Unfortunately I can't see your photos to know if this is a similar issue.

Just updated the Zoom app in my Mac M1 and to my surprise, it auto-blurred my video back ground even if the VIRTUAL BACKROUND settings is currently defaulted at "NONE". I'm using my Sony camera as my webcam and its lens produces more pleasing/natural blurry background than the app. How to remove the auto-blurr effect? I tried downloading the old versions to my M1 but the auto-blur is still there and I can't remove it.