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unable to start screen share using mac0S Monterey and Ipad


Hey, I can share my mac and ipad but cannot share on zoom.


The error message was unable to connect to " Mae's Macbook Pro."



This indeed works. Thanks.

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Try system preferences—sharing—turn off AirPlay Receiver.

This indeed works. Thanks.

WOW! It works! Thank you for the tips. it has been bugging me that I can't share my ipad screen in zoom since I updated my macos!


Thank you !

Been looking for this answer for the past few hours.... works like a charm


thanks it works, it worked indeed! thanks for your help! 😀


Hi, same issue here. Workaround worked as well. Nevertheless, I hope Zoom will fix this soon because the share function via airplay is actually very cool and I don't feel like switching between turn off and turn on "airplay receiver".  So I am glad that this issue is known.


Same and did all the usuals: updated everything, reboots of hardware, checked WiFI network being accessed, tried different Zoom accounts. This clearly is a bug and like other professors and teachers critically dependent upon this connection, 2 of my classes were completely disrupted now and content delivery was greatly compromised by lack of this ability. From what I can see, this is a BUG and is in large part the result of poor 'user' testing prior to deploying latest version of Zoom. I say 'Zoom' because developers like Zoom get updates of OSX to test with (for just such adjustments) PRIOR to Apple release dates of its updates. I wish Zoom would do a better job at UX design and development in general.