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unable to join meetings on iPad 3 Wifi, unable to upgrade to latest supported version



I am an IT Consultant and have a client with an older iPad 3 Wifi model. I have opened a ticket with Zoom support for this as well, but maybe this will be faster. The iPad is 32bit and no longer getting updates. It currently has a 5.6.x or 5.8.x version (I think) installed. It should be able to run up to version 5.11.3 (4067) I believe based on the release notes. However, the App Store seems to only be offering 5.12.x versions which are too new and won't install on this model Is it possible to get a link to the App Store to download the 5.6.11 (4067) version?

Currently the user can not join meetings as the version installed is no longer allowed to join meetings, however, I assume if I can get 5.11.3 (4067) installed, it would be able to join meetings.

I know that it is possible to download installers for older MacOS versions from the App Store, but not sure about iOS apps. I mostly support Windows and Android, so not very familiar with iOS or MacOS (though MacOS isn't dependant on the App Store thankfully).

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,