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two hosts


When a host establishes the meeting, is there a way to add another person to become a second host when the initial host leaves the meeting in the middle and the second host continues with the rest of the meetings?

Also, is it possible to have 2 people log in to the same meeting using the same login credential?



Community Champion

Hi @SOS1 ,

You can leave the meeting and pass host controls to any of your participants regardless of this participant having an account or not. You can follow these steps to make another participant the host of your meeting when you leave

I will also suggest testing ahead of your actual meeting to make sure this person has all the controls they need.


Best regards,

Community Champion



Just to expand a little on the previous comments, you can also create Alternate Hosts prior to the meeting when scheduling and elevate folks to co-hosts during the meeting. 

This link will describe roles in a meeting and might be helpful as well: Meeting Roles 

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