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time zone is ignoring Daylight Saving


I'm setting up meetings in November, after Eastern Daylight Time goes back to Eastern Standard .  Zoom is still showing GMT-4 for "Eastern Time" for  late November, which is wrong.  We will be  GMT-5 after November 7. I have international participants who are going to be very confused about the time, and I have no idea if the meeting will start at the the stated time.

Will this fix itself?  Will it show up on people's calendars for the right times around the world?



Community Champion

Which system are you seeing the difference in?  Zoom will set the time to stay the same across the time change, so it will always be at the same time for the host.  If there is a participant calendar that is not updating correctly, that issue is with the calendar provider.  Tested with Google calendars and it adjusted the time for the call correctly.