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thumbs up emoji popping up during sessions


Hello I have Zoom One Pro. In my sessions with clients, the Thumbs Up Emoji pops up sporadically and neither  myself nor my clients are doing this. Is this a security issue? Could someone be listening to my sessions/hacking and using the emojis? Is there a special safeguard that I can click in order to insure security? thank you. 



I have seen the same; it can be triggered by someone holding a literal thumbs up, but also by someone wearing a dark coloured sweater with their arms folded in a way that makes their hand look like it's in a "thumbs up" gesture.


I have seen other odd ways in which it can be triggered... the wonders of so-called "Artificial Intelligence", eh?  


Posting here to find out if there's a way to switch off this ridiculously annoying feature (that I don't remember being asked if I wanted).