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the SSO login domain record


HI.I  am using a SSO with company domain to login in,but i have serveral doamin login with zoom meeting.After update the new version of the Zoom meeting, the sso domain will be remember on their cache and auto fill in for next time.but i want leave it blank  of SSO domain everytime login.Anyone know how to delete the domain record on that?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@Elton Your workflow is certainly unique and I would suggest submitting a feature request at that we can investigate. I would suggest your feature request revolve around adding a registry key or plist entry that can be added to allow for SSO domain cache clearing after each logout. 

I did test this on a Windows machine and found that the below two entries in the folder below hold that information. Once deleted it no longer tries to automatically go to the input domain for login. 



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