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squeaky mic problem


I've been using Zoom for a year and a half now, and every time I enter a room or start a meeting I have to test my microphone. This is because almost every time I do, my mic output goes squeaky. Lucky for me I have both a remote mic and a system mic, but this is an unnecessary irritation that I hope has a software fix.  Can anyone help?




Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @aardvarkon, when you're referring to the 'squeakiness of your mic, does this happen when your system mic or external (USB) mic?


Things I'd double-check for updates on:

  • Sound drivers
  • The latest version of the Zoom Client
  • Advanced audio settings within the Zoom meeting client, under Audio Advanced, select “Auto” for all audio processing also with checking, “Show in-meeting option to enable original sound”, you will see a new Turn original sound on/off option at the top.

Let me know if the following ⤴️ helps! 


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Both. Typically, I have to alternate between the system mic and the Logitech USB mic. So far at least, one works when the other doesn't.

All updates installed, that's not the problem.

Advanced settings done, will see what happens over the next few days and if it makes any difference.

Thanks for the tips, I hope they'll help. I'd rather not sound like a chipmunk!