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speaker problem during a meeting


I frequently use Zoom for religious meetings that have music played by the host.  I cannot hear the music.  Verbal, I can hear.  Even when I test the audio speaker, the sound is very muffled.  The microphone is ok.  All settings are at max.  This is on a new Acer computer with Windows 11 Home.  I have followed all the Zoom speaker music recommendations and it doesn't help.  I've been using a separate tablet for the music.  Any recommendations ?  



I think the host has to enable 'original sound' settings.
By default meeting applications like zoom has a filter, that only pass through 'voice' and mute all other sounds 

The problem is I am the only participant not hearing the music.  We had a video last night, and I could hear the voice audio but not any of the background music that I knew was there.  ???