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screen record on mobile device has no audio


i'm attempting to record the screen and the audio during a meeting on a mobile device.  I'm using the virtual background effect with green screen to show my logo.  Then tried to start a meeting and record myself thru screen record .  As soon as I started the meeting the audio gets squashed.  I can still seen video and the background, but no audio gets recorded.  I used many other apps to see how the speakers and microphone work and no problem,  When I start the screen record before opening the zoom app, the audio is clear and normal, once the meeting starts no audio, once I end the meeting the audio returns and is recorded as normal.  I have a basic account???





I am trying to record my zoom meeting on my iPad.

I have tested all is working by recording a video first, all is ok.

I can record and review but still no audio. Have deleted and re installed app.

Any suggestions?

Thanks Ron

Did you find a solution ? I have the same issue, it all used to work fine, and recently there is no sound in the recordings… 


I have the same problem.  Mic is on , and the recording with audio works — my key clicks are clearly recorded - up until the Zoom starts.  Clearly the Zoom is switching off the iPad recording function.  40 years of programming experience tells me this is a bug.  Or maybe a feature, but it appears to be unique to the iPad.  So, a low-level issue with iOS I’d think.

Aloha , Could you ever get that fixed? I have the same problem, but it only appeared recently, I could screen record with no issues before… what is that? 



What they don’t say is that if you hold down on the red dot in the red circle there pops up an option to turn on the microphone.  So, yes I got it fixed on the iPad Pro.  I have a WiFi icon and a battery icon in the upper right corner of my screen.  Clicking on that displays a white dot in a white circle on grey key shape.  That turns red when you poke it.