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regular camera frozen frame in zoom meeting


Two weeks ago I purchased a new hp Pavilion 24-ca1003na All-in-One desktop.  One of the reasons was that my old Lenevo had difficulties with the Zoom connections and it was getting very slow.  

Unfortunately the problem with ZOOM is still the case on my brand-new desktop.  I have had the Wifi connection checked (Virgin) and there is no problem with the Wifi connection in my office.

I can only conclude that the Zoom app on my desktop is the problem.  I am in regular Zoom meetings (not business meetings) and use the free service. 

The camera is not giving a good picture and it is very frustrating that the connection freezes every time for no reason.  Each time the camera does not work properly and the sound stops too.  The other attendees continue to communicate with each other with no problem.  Please advise what I can do.