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recurring series being deleted even when single occurrence has been chosen when deleting one date


Has anyone else run into this problem? You have a recurring meeting setup from within an Outlook calendar invite, you've also included a zoom which is recurring since the Outlook is set up as recurring ........ then you need to cancel one of those recurring dates, let's say it falls on Christmas Day. You open that Christmas Day invite on the Outlook calendar, choose cancel single occurrence only, get the message that your zoom will be deleted but you can recover it within 7 days..... you go ahead and cancel that ONE date/occurrence but then it actually cancels all the recurring zoom links.

I'm having to go back to my Recently Deleted folder in my zoom account and then choose to recover all occurrences; otherwise when the next scheduled meeting is set to happen and those invited try to login to the zoom they get an error message because the recurring link was deleted .................. but I truly only asked it to only delete that one single occurrence ......



"...cancel that ONE date/occurrence but then it actually cancels all the recurring zoom links."  Same.  Felt like this started happening with an update to MS365 and/or Zoom sometime last month....  This happens even if I right-click "Cancel Meeting" > "Cancel Occurrence" in the Calendar item (OL app), followed by "Cancel only this occurence".  Even the way the canceled single occurrence appears in my Zoom web portal under "Meetings" > "Recently Deleted" as "Recurring" under "Start Time" doesn't seem right.  If I then modify a different occurrence of the same series that is still in the OL Calendar and try to save or "Send Update", the "Scheduling..." progress box shows the error "Meeting not found. It might be deleted already."  No joke!

This is making it difficult to use the same meeting link in modifying out-of-pattern individual occurrences of an otherwise regularly recurring meeting, cf. OP's Christmas Day cancellation.  At around the same time as the update, the "Schedule a Meeting" command disappeared from the ribbon in a newly created New Meeting (only appears in the OL Calendar ribbon).  I tried rebooting as well as disabling/enabling the Add-In in OL app, but neither helped.  Grrr.