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recurring meeting set up in the pc app doesn`t show on the web and viceversa


We are using a premium account on multiple computers (language school) and some meetings set up on the web won`t show up in the PC app and vice versa. Some recurring meetings I set up myself in the app never showed up on the web either. It`s very confusing and it causes a lot of trouble as we cannot really see what`s on the agenda.  Any tips ? Thank you 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @LenkaP! Suggest looking into our KB on Scheduling recurring meetings. However, i'd like to ask are you signed into the same account on the Zoom Meeting Client and the Zoom web portal? If you're signed into the same account on the meeting client and web portal, when scheduling meetings from will be automatically populated into the meeting client and any calendar integration you may have, and vise-versa scheduling from the client or calendar service. Also, suggest signing out of the client, web portal, and any calendar integration you have (g-cal for example), and sign-in back in with the same Zoom creds. 


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