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recent update - 20 Nov 2023 - change to local storage access?


I recently received the notification to update zoom client. Cool. Looked at the release notes and saw this:


"Changed local storage to one year for free accounts. The local storage duration for free accounts has been changed to one year, allowing messages stored locally to remain accessible for a year for free users. This change will take affect for both new installations and reinstalls."


What does this mean? Why is there a timer on what I can view in my own local storage?? Why will it be applied retroactively upon new install? How can someone else decide what I can and can't have access to on my own device?



I just noticed that too. I am super curious to know what this means in relation to zoom having access/restriction to our local storage devices, that they do not own. 


I noticed this also in the list of recent updates and did a search which led me to this forum post. I also agree that Zoom needs to give a better description of what this means.


So...will users have to "workaround" by moving relevant content (like automatically saved transcripts or whiteboard png/pdf downloads) out of the Documents/Zoom [if you're on a PC] directory?  Why? Do they believe users are not capable of understanding what it means to automatically save something?


Why not just give users an opportunity from time to time to clear out items that are "older than 1 year" or whatever by asking with a pop-up?


Automatically saving chats and whiteboard data, just like saving them for each session, is an active process anyway. If you are automatically saving them you have to make that change in your profile as I do not believe it's the default. If you are not automatically saving those things you still have to click "save" to save them. So the user is aware that they are being saved.  I would be really upset to find out that something I had kept for a long time was suddenly gone without my express permission.


I did not apply this update.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @zoomuser123456 @anCEO and @good-vibrations , 

Apologies for the confusion. This only applies to the local storage of Team Chat messages, not other types of storage used by Zoom. This was originally drafted as part of the Team Chat preview notes where the context was much more apparent, but when this was adapted to the web and client release notes, the context was lost. I've updated the release notes to make this clearer. 

If you want to know more about local storage of Team Chat messages, please refer to this support article: 

Storing Zoom Team Chat message history


Hope that helps, but please let me know if you have any further questions. 


i also noticed this. i mostly used zoom on my two old devices, and they're working just fine. however when i downloaded zoom on a new laptop, suddenly i can't see messages that are 1 year old anymore. but when i look at my two old devices i can still see the 1 year old or more messages. i wonder why it's like that?
i'm really disappointed that i can't see those old messages in this new laptop