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"host has another meeting in progress"


Hello - started running into an issue a few weeks ago, where meeting invitees were seeing a "host has another meeting in progress" when clicking on the meeting invite link.


I had been using the link for years with no issues, but now am unable to do so. Others on my team have run into the same issue. Once I start the meeting, I can share the meeting specific link with password embedded in URL, but that appears to change per meeting, so I can't share it in advance of a call. Please help!


I just ran a quick test on my own, by starting the meeting with the link from my zoom profile. Then clicking that link on my phone - same result.



Having the same issue i missed a very important meeting ZOOM DO BETTER JUST BOUGHT THE PRO COME ON!!!!!


Has anyone found a resolution to this? I have had the same issue off and on over the last week.

If I log in via the link that I send out to everyone, that opens up the meeting but if I "start" the meeting from my account, it shows that I am "in another meeting." Zoom - can we get some help with this? 


I have started having the same issue. Tried scheduling the meeting from the browser, the desktop control panel and my iphone. All three ways have the same problem. Please fix this Zoom!



I had an 'upgrade' a few days ago and now I open Zoom to wait for my client to join and they sit at their end looking at this message that I am in another meeting. Does anyone know if Zoom ever look at these reported issues and problems?

The lack of response here from Zoom is very troubling!


I just started having this problem. Have there been any solutions??


I have the same problem. I cannot get zoom to accept any email I have attempted to send them about it. I am disappointed at the apparent lack of interest by them to resolve it.  


I have been having the same issue for a while.  I've resorted to asking one participant to join the meeting a little early and then joining after they have.  That seems to work but it is not a suitable fix.  Zoom- please address this issue.



Hi all! 


Hey everyone, I have some practical tips to share. If you're dealing with a Zoom host who has another meeting in progress, please follow the guidance in this new article: Zoom Host has another meeting in progress


I hope this is helpful and thank you all for your contributions!

Zoom Community Team

Carla (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

Hi Carla, 

I am sorry to say but this is absolutely not relating to our problems mentioned in this thread. Without any meeting going on we are expecting invitees and they can't get in. That is the problem, the message "Zoom hosts another meeting" is not justified. Do you have any helpful advice here? Would be much appreciated. 


@CarlaA Nothing in the article you linked suggests a fix for any of the problems written about in this thread.

Several people in my org are having this issue, while logged into business-pro accounts with every user licensed. Your suggestion is unrelated to anyone in our situation, and there don't seem to be other related support docs.


I have had this experience several times in the last weeks and it is very annoying. Have always loved zoom but am considering to use teams if I can't get any advice here that works. Very sad. 


I'm having this problem, too. It is January 2024 and the last entry on this thread was Aug 2023. Has this been resolved?