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"This Meeting Does Not Allow Phone Dial In"


Hi all! 
For several years I have been dialing into various types of zoom meetings from google voice (which acts as a landline phone in this case). Today I tried joining a zoom class this same way. After I entered the numeric meeting ID, the zoom voice said ""This Meeting Does Not Allow Phone Dial In" and then the call automatically ended. I emailed the admin folks running the zoom meeting and they said they turned on the setting where participants can call in by phone, so we don't know what to try next. None of the solutions in the previous post about this, from someone who this happened to Jan of '22, worked for me, so I am hoping there are new ideas about fixing the issue. The previous post is here:


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @claralily.


There are a number of settings that have to be enabled.  Not ALL meetings are phone-dialable.


First, the phone account must be Pro or above; phone dial-in is not enabled for Basic (free) accounts.


Next, the Host account must have set the following option in


(Or the Telephone option... which would have the side effect of not allowing anyone to join by computer audio.)


Then, the individual meeting would have to have the following enabled:


(Again, the Telephone option could be enabled, but normally should not.)


Note that there are similar but separate settings for Webinar access via phone dial-in.


Take a look at this for additional details:


Why is this so complicated?  Because it's possible for admins to allow users to enable toll-free number dialing, which incurs a charge to the hosting organization.  So whether phone dial-in is enabled -- and to what extent -- is often controlled by your internal Zoom admin.

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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