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"Something went wrong. Please refresh page"


I am unable to schedule a meeting.   After I have entered my meeting  information and selected "Save",  I get this message:  "Something went wrong.  Please refresh page".  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Zoom client.  I have tried several browers.  I have cleared my cookies and browsing history.  I receive this message on both my PC and laptop.  This is a new problem, starting about 2 weeks ago.  I have not installed any new software or made any changes to my computers in this time.  Please help.  



Did you find a solution to this problem? I'm having the same issue.

No, I am still having the same problem.  I submitted a support ticket and was told that this issue should be resolved with the update in June.  Unfortunately,  the update did not resolve the issue.  One of the support techs did send  me a work-around solution that I installed on my desktop to at least be able to schedule meetings.  I can schedule meeting through that link but not when I sign in to my account via  Another issue is that I am unable to delete any recordings and keep getting message that my storage is over capacity.  I submitted a support ticket for that issue also with no resolution.  Zoom has met my needs for video conferencing so far but am very disappointed in their support and inability to fix an integral component of their service.  

I tried all my browsers but the only thing that worked was going to incognito mode


Thank you. Probably like you, I've been using Zoom for years with no problems until now. I'll submit a support ticket as well. Appreciate your reply!


I did an online chat with a support person who suggested I try opening the website up in a different browser and it worked! To resolve it on Chrome, he suggested I first see if I try using it in private browing/incognito mode. If it works there, then try disabling any add-ons on Chrome to isolate the problem. Hope this helps!

I had tried different browsers when I first started having this problem without any success.  Now, using Microsoft Edge, I am able to schedule meeting and delete recordings. WOW!!  I will check out Chrome to see what add-ons I might have but I just might start using Edge for all my Zoom meetings. 

Thank you so much

Thanks for the suggestion. I couldn't get it to work in Firefox or Chrome but will try incognito mode



Hi, JoAnne!

I had the same problem. I just uninstalled the Malwarebytes extension to my Chrome. Presto zoomo--I can now schedule meetings on Zoom! Hope that helps.