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"Locked by Admin" What?? I AM the Admin!!


Hey folks, trying to access and change the virtual backgrounds on this app.  Note on the right-hand side of the settings screen says this feature is "Locked by admin".  What??  I AM the admin - at least I guess I am .  I own the account and I'm the only one who uses it. 


A pop-up note says I need to be running Windows 7 and above. The PC I'm using  runs on Windows 8.1.  


I'm at a loss as to how I can open the virtual background features on this PC.  I'm able to do it on a MacBook Pro, but unfortunately, it's a year too old to function properly.


Any help or advice is appreciated.  Thanks in advance.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Sounds like you are trying to change a setting on the user-level Settings page, rather than the Account Settings page. See if accessing the setting there allows you to control it. 

Spot on, this worked.

HOW? how do I get to the Account settings rather than use level settings - I'm signed in as me the account owner



I have the same problem, though I'm trying to change the automatic record setting. That feature says "locked by admin." I've tried signing out and signing back in. I've gone to the Account Settings page and can't find an option about recording there. 


Interestingly, I have a separate personal zoom account, and on that one, this is not an issue.