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"IP address", "Issue" and "Health" fields in "Generate details report" at Usage Reports/Active Hosts


We are in a university and we have almost 250 zoom session per hour, and we have three internet providers, last month we have reports from our professors in classrooms in our campus saying: Zoom is reconnecting, we see the information in dashboard and yes they have a call reconnection, we go to our internet provider to what happened and bandwith was Ok, put a ticket and ISP said everything was OK, so, we try to findout other users with same problem at same time, it's possible?, yes, it's possible to have this but we need to go to dashboard filter by "Issues" / "Call Reconnection", export to CSV (by the way it download all the cases not only the filtered ones) filter the csv for "Call reconnection", start to search in dashboard for each meeting ID one by one to see if at the same time there was a "call reconnection" for the same Public IP, as you can imagine it takes a long long time, at the end we found evidence for one provider that at begin of the day and at the end of the day there are many call reconnection issues many times at the same datetimes.

The request to zoom is: It is possible to have report like the one in "Account Managment" / Reports / "Active Host" / "Generate details reports" but with fields "IP address", "Issue" and "Health"?, it could help us to detect faster if some of our Internet provider have many reconnect issues at the same datetimes in many classrooms.

Thanks in advance