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"Can Not Play Media" Error when Screen Sharing Video in a PowerPoint


Hello - 

First time poster and happy Zoom customer.  I ran a zoom meeting today for my client that presented to parties both live and via zoom.  I have been using Zoom and screen share for years without issue and fully tested all video content that was to be played during the meeting.  All was going smooth until we were about 1 hour into the meeting with and down to the last few slides when the remaining videos would not play and giving the message "Can not play media".  I tried using the player bar on the clip but received the same message.  I opted to not stop the share and reshare since we were so close to the end.  One of the four videos did end up playing but it glitched in and out with a green screen.   Any ideas as  to what may have caused this and how to avoid in the future?  Does Zoom place some type of bandwidth restriction when you go over the 1 hour mark in a meeting?  If have not had anything like this happen before. 


After the presentation was over, I checked all the slide and the videos were playing fine again.  Thanks in advance for your thoughts!   


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Lkane 

if you share the PowerPoint slides, then I don't think it will work
If you run the PowerPoint on a machine and then share the screen or the powerpoint app screen, I am pretty sure it will work, You will need to click on system sound if you need it
all the best