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quizzes created for a meeting are not showing up in the new surveys/polls library


I have been trying out the new surveys/polls library because the library has made a few significant improvements over the old version.  With some of the new functionalities, I'd like to use the new quiz function during online classroom.  However, I've found out that quizzes created under a meeting don't seem capable of being transferred into the general Surveys/Polls library.  The reason I created the quizzes under a particular meeting is because these meetings were created in a LMS system (Brightspace) which allows me to batch upload these questions via a CVS file.  In fact, I uploaded these questions as polls and converted them to quizzes in Zoom.  Everything seems working perfectly except that these quizzes don't seem to be imported into the new surveys/polls library thus they could not be reused for future meetings.  Is there anything I could do to "publish" them?


Zoom version  5.16.2 (23409) with an institutional licens

See the screenshots



I've finally figured this out.  I'm sharing it here because I think that this is very useful for those users who want to (1) upload a test bank using CVS files to the Zoom; (2) convert them from "meeting poll" to "poll" (this will be stored in the universal poll/quiz bank).

(1) Turn on the Poll/Quiz function in the Zoom setting (web browser account setting)

(2) In your LMS (Brightspace and Canvas, not sure about others) create a new meeting

(3) Edit the new meeting and upload poll questions via a CSV file (must be done inside the LMS-Zoom) and save the meeting

(4) Log into the Web browser where you're able to configure meetings. Find this newly scheduled meeting to show its setting.  Basically, we are managing meeting specific assets.  Here the “meeting polls” (meaning those that have not shown up in the library) will show up here.  Use the “….” To bring up the dialog  “move to survey" (survey is what Zoom refers to as the “library”)

(5) Use the Edit function to convert a poll to a quiz