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problem in zoom


when i join the any meeting after 2 min i automatically go to waiting room and host can not see me also in admit room please  solve ,my problem it help in my every device ..


Zoom Moderator

Hey @abcde01234, so you're in the main meeting room for about 2 min approx., and when the host joins you're sent to the waiting room? Has the Host tried disabling the waiting room?


For your question, this is really more configuration on the Hosts' end, so I'd reach out to the host to ensure that the waiting room is enabled before the meeting is started, not during or afterward. The host can also move you to the waiting room as well. 🙂


Let me know if the host can look into their meetings settings to ensure that they're not assigning you to the waiting room afterward and the settings for the meeting are configured correctly. Looking forward to your response! 


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