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playing music in background whilst speaking


I teach sound meditation and need to periodically play music from my laptop (Macbook Air) however when I play the music it cuts off my voice or I cannot control the volume. I have been advised to get a 2 channel mixer which I have purchased. I have also been told to download some software that I will need to make it all work, do you have any ides which software application I need?


Thank you 



Hi Pauli, I'm having a similar problem. I teach chair exercise and give voice cues while also playing music. It all worked well until version 15, probably the most recent one, that was installed on my computer. Now there seems to be an "improvement" that lowers background noise... but in my case the "noise" is the music I'm playing. In my case, the music is played on an external device (my iPhone and a BOSE speaker). So now they can hear me talk, but they cannot hear the music at all. It's dumbfounding!

I played with the Audio settings under Preferences, to no avail. Were YOU able to find any help since you posted here?



Hey Paul, 
I'm trying to run a meditation group myself.  I've even looked on YouTube but I see different answers. It's very frustrating because it seem to matter what device one is using, which I think is crazy since we're all using the same platform.  I'm on a Chromebook, which I was advised to buy to do this... I can't even see which version I have because the 'drop down box under my pic had nothing but my name, email and 'sign out'.  I'm not happy camper. I think I just bought, in reality, something to watch Netflix on....ugh... I'll keep looking here to see if y'll get any advice.