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Hi, I run fitness classes through zoom and just this week no one has been able to hear my background music during the sessions. I DONT WANT to supress background noise. Is there a way to do that? I have been using zoom for 2 years and only this week I have encountered problems. I downloaded the latest update this week which I thought was the problem but when I downloaded the previous version which I knew used to work - it doesnt work now.  Please  help technical support. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



You can Share content and choose audio-only.


Go to the Share Screen option, but then choose audio-only and choose High Quality or Stereo.


Hope this helps.



Hi Rupert.  I am experiencing the same sound issue.  Our nonprofit has a weekly exercise class for seniors.  We have experienced sound problems the past two weeks with participants hearing the music we play.  We are using Apple Mac Book Air and have the Iphone I13 next to the computer to play music.  We have been doing this for 2 years and had a problem the past two weeks.  What is going on?  We are not sharing the screen.  We cannot use audio only.  I've looked through this support area and see others are experiencing the same issue.  PLEASE HELP!

Thank you.

Marci (President)

I'm having the same issues.  I've been teaching online fitness classes through Zoom since the pandemic and recently people are having a hard time hearing me.  I recorded a few of my recent classes and the sound is very low and drops out often.   I use the Alesis Multimix 4 to connect the audio to Zoom.  The microphone and music played through my iPhone are on separate channels.     


Same issues using a Bluetooth speaker that is connected to my phone.  Have lead fitness classes for a couple years and am just now experiencing these problems. Does someone have a tweak to settings that can fix this ASAP Please

I don't have the Audio Only option. Can you please help? I've been having the same problem, and it is really challenging for our participants!

Audio only is in the advanced share. But that is not working for me now either. 

HI I am using Zoom  through Windows laptop for my yoga classes and I am playing the background music using Share Point. It works fine until I plug  my wireless microphone headset into my laptop (I tried both the input jack and the USB)   then I cannot hear the music anymore. Is it because it is a PC windows  and it would work on a Mac. Can you help. Thank you!


It is not working on my Mac with a external microphone either. 


This does not help. I have been doing this all along and suddenly this week it just stopped working. 



I'm having the exact same problem.  I also teach a fitness class to seniors, have been using Zoom since March 2020 with no issues. Now no one can hear the music I'm playing.


Please help us!


I thought this was just me!! Please help us get this fixed!


I just finished working with Zoom tech support and this is what worked for me.    It took me about 3 months to solve the issue.  So be patient and keep trying.

Audio Settings -> Suppress Background Noise -> Low
Audio Settings -> Advanced -> Single Processing by Wondows....  -> Off

Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Sound -> right click the microphone -> Properties -> Advanced tab -> near the bottom, ensure that "Enable audio enhancements" is NOT checked; click Apply or OK.

Thank you so much!! I don't have the option to enable audio enhancements or turn them off 🤔

These instructions are for Windows. Anyone have instructions for a Mac? After many back and forth support emails with Zoom, where they were giving me instructions that were pure works of fiction (downloading files that don't open on a Mac, sending them reports that do not exist in the application, etc) they finally made an appointment to talk to a real live person - only the real live person never showed up. Beyond frustrated! 

Excellent, many thanks, it solved my problem, at least for the time being. Many thanks!


I have the same problem. I have a MacBook and when I use my earbuds with the bluetooth and share a playlist for my class it starts out okay and then it stops working. My students can't hear me and the sound says I'm on internal speakers while my bluebooth is on my earbuds. Did you ever get some help??


I finally reverted back to an earlier version of Zoom and everything worked the way it used to, except now I can't play music through Spotify or YouTube. 


Hi i teach fitness zoom classes and my participants cannot hear my music please HELP as they used to hear it before?   


Did anyone find a fix for Mac? Thanks


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

this support article covers both mac and windows music issues:

By default, the Zoom client will utilize noise suppression and echo cancellation to improve the quality of the audio received by your microphone, but these audio filters can interfere with situations that warrant the full range of audio captured by the microphone. In these situations, users can disable these audio filters and improve their sample rates to improve their in-meeting sound quality. This may include musicians with their instruments, capturing high-quality audio for podcasts, or healthcare professionals who are making a medical diagnosis based on sound.

This article covers:

Configuring professional audio settings for Zoom Meetings – Zoom Support


thanks,  eliot