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playing a commercial DVD [with both audio and video] over zoom


i am having the opposite problem from some others on here. i am using zoom with  

• a macbook air [MacOS version 11.7.9]

• an LG external DVD drive 

• a commercial DVD that includes both audio and video

• the VLC media player 

i CAN display the video from the DVD; i CAN successfully 'share screen' in the meeting, so that participants see the video; and the sound DOES play – for me only – on my local speakers. BUT i cannot get other participants to hear the audio when i play the DVD. 

any suggestions on what to do? the DVD is long, so i don't want to screen the whole thing with subtitles only. 




some added context FYI: 

there are three different volume controls involved: 

• the one in zoom itself 

• the one in the VLC player software

• the one for the computer 

all of these are ON. nothing is muted, as far as i can see.