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particpants in zoom


I received message when hosting a zoom meeting "the host has another meeting in progress".

Any suggestions for solution?



Well, it means what it says.....assuming you don't have another device logged into the same account somewhere with a meeting running. But do you have other - probably recurring - meetings which you have created, perhaps with an alternate host (so someone else can start it)? I have one 'big' meeting for example which is used several times a week, and there are co-hosts on the account who can also start the meeting. But that means that if I create another meeting, I can't run it at the same time if someone else has started the 'big' one.

Not unreasonably, Zoom don't allow a host to have more than one meeting running at a time (it would affect their revenue as people could share accounts).


I received the same message as Robert123. I had only 2 participants currently in the meeting and waiting for a third. I was the only host and had the settings so the participants could join at any time. The third participant was never able to join because they kept receiving the message that I had a meeting in progress.  Did you resolve your issue?


i have same issue. there's no co-host. Always END meetings, never JUST LEAVING. I'd be thankful for  solution.