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'one tap mobile' not working on iPhone 13


The link in the meeting information to join by audio only includes the phone number but not the meeting ID. The link will call the phone number, but I still have to type in the meeting ID manually. I am using the calendar app that came with the iPhone 13. I tried google calendar but that didn't work at all (the phone number and meeting ID were shown, but they weren't a link). How can I use 'one tap mobile' for Zoom on iPhone 13? (It works fine on Android).



Hi, did you find a resolution to this? It looks like it's happening in my environment too, mostly iPhones, I have a 12 and it's happening on mine as well, with Google Calendar, iPhone 12, IOS 15.4.1


Same problem here with iPhone 8 calendar links for 'one tap mobile' will no longer dial phone numbers. Also cannot copy and paste the number into the phone to dial. The join zoom meeting work fine but cannot just dial into the meeting using the phone audio only option. IOS 15.4.1 

I contacted Zoom technical support, and here's what they wrote:


"You are correct, it seems that there is a known issue with one tap mobile using the new iPhone. Actually, it is affecting devices that run on iOS 15.4. Our Engineers had already coordinated this to Apple and Google, there is no estimated time when they could provide a fix. Please note, this issue had started happening on the newly released iphone with iOS 15.4. Based on our testing, there is no issue with older version of iPhone.”


I called Apple support and they found a workaround for the iPhone 13 as follows:

  1. Go to settings -> general -> language & region and turn on Live Text.
  2. Open the google calendar app, open the meeting, click on the down arrow to display the meeting information.
  3. Take a screen shot by briefly holding the up volume button and the button on the right side at the same time.
  4. Touch the screen shot thumbnail to open it.
  5. Hold your finger on the phone number w/ meeting ID to copy it.
  6. A pop-up window will open. Select call. However, sometimes the pop-up window doesn’t appear and then you have to copy and paste into your phone field, then hit the call button.

This is very clunky, when I’m used to one-tap mobile!

This does not help with anything on my company calendar and is more work than typing in meeting id


Agreed. I solved the problem by returning my iPhone 13 and buying an Android phone. I'm not sure whether Zoom or Apple is to blame for this glitch, but I really rely on one-tap mobile for remote meetings that I have to sign into on the fly. One tap mobile works fine on my Pixel 6.