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new white board sharing - can not share -


Hi guzy,


I have created white boards and I d like to share them, but:


- I just have  ,,in - meeting and out - of meeting " in the settings, white-board cloudsharing DONT

- on the right of my whiteboards opening the ........... I don't have share

- share is a separately and if I write the contact e-mail (extern contact) I see as follows: ,,Sharing with users from this organization is disabled by your admin""


But I am the admin, I allowed everything I found.



Could you help. me please?


Me goal: I want to create white boards and share them also out of meeting with my external contacts.


Thanks a lot.





I have found the same issue.   It might be because I have a single account and my parnters have their own accounts.   I also am having issues saving the boards to a PDF to be able to share.   Anyone have suggestions on how to share the whiteboards after a meeting?

I have the same problem.


The NEW whiteboard is extremely limited.  I can't SAVE the screens.  My students CAN'T ANNOTATE!

What are we supposed to do with this?

Do they have live Customer Support anymore?