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mirror effect


Hello - We have a ceiling camera (tenveo SDI) we have set the mirror effect on it, also on zoom, but we still have the image reversed, do you see anything else to do? Best



Hi @cmeiro ,

I remember a similar issue from a while back. It as an issue with the camera configuration or controlling software, but one think to check is using another software on the same computer where you have the Zoom client (or Zoom Rooms) installed and see if the camera image is correct there.
If the issue is only seen on Zoom, then it could be related to the client's installed version. You can always attempt to install the latest version and even do a complete reinstall of the client/software.

If that doesn't help with the issue, then the ideal would be to check with both Tenveo support (if they are aware of a problem when using Zoom) and also contact Zoom Tech Support for more detailed assistance.