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meeting sounds


When I am in a zoom meditation meeting and ring my bell after I am done speaking, nobody can hear my bell.  I have adjusted every setting.  When I use the test my microphone, my voice is heard, yet not my bell....Help





I have exactly the same issue and it is quite a problem!


This issue MUST be caused by the Zoom software.   I know this because I can use software such as "Audacity" to record the sound of my bell with no problems.  I can playback the sound of the bell great on my laptop speakers - and it sounds beautiful!


However as soon as I open a Zoom meeting then Audacity can no longer record the sound of the bell AT ALL.  Even with "Original Sound" option toggled ON it filters out the bell completely.


It seems to override everything.


Has anyone else got this issue or know of a solution to it???? 


In the past we could hear the bell but now we only get a short "ding".  It's my understanding that there had been a setting you could change to enable the sustained bell sound to come through but if it's possible in 2023 I don't know how.  If someone could let us know if (1) it simply is no longer possible to hear sustained bell sounds - hey! Zoom, we want this back! or (2) if we can do this now, please let us know how.



I am also interested in finding this out. I am joining a Zoom meeting, but not initiating in, but will be hosting. What do I need to do to have the meditation bell heard? Please let us know- thank you kindly...