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lost recording



i was on a zoom meeting 2 hours ago, and the host make me to be the host.

than i recorded the meetin and i stopped it, and i was hoping to see the meeting recorded in the meetings. but now i can't find it anywhere...

where else can i find it? maybe is it saved on the account of the original host?

thank you so much 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @Peleg,


When you turned on recording did you select Local or Cloud?



If Cloud Recording was selected, then the recording file will be in the Zoom Portal under the original host's account.  Even though you were made host during the meeting, the meeting is still associated to the user that scheduled and originated the meeting, so cloud recordings stay tied to them.  


Please reach out to the original Host and ask them to check for the recording in their Zoom Portal.


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