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live music on zoom (MAC) - voice is heard, keyboard is NOT. HELP!


hi - we were just forced to update our Mac version of Zoom, and now, as with previous updates, our music streaming is a mess. People can hear spoken voice just fine, but any keyboards played either disappear, cut out, or just get so choppy as to be un-professional sounding.

Anyone else using a Zoom version on Mac where their live music is working?  What version, and how did you solve these persistent issues???
I purposely used old versions of Zoom for over a year because of these!  and THANKS!!!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Just checking - you are using the 'Original Sound for Musicians' option in Zoom, correct?

Hi - yes, ive tried literally EVERY option, configuration and combination.  ever since last week when this upgrade was forced on me, my audio has not been working well.  even with "original sound".  any ideas?  

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Original sound should specifically bypass audio processing on your local input.


2 options, generally speaking:

1.) Your device or OS is performing processing on the signal before it hits Zoom.

2.) There is a bug in the version of Zoom you're currently using.


Are you able to record a sample meeting where the issue is present (which also includes an overview of your settings) and get this over to Zoom Support?

this issue has arisen every time we updated past the oldest versions of zoom for Mac.  It's happened on 3-4 different updates from different time periods in the past year, which is why I kept going back to the oldest possible version.  But now, those versions are no longer available.  I cant even find zoom support - this chat board was the only option of help I could locate.  im hoping somewhere out there is someone else, playing keyboards on a Mac that has solved this issue...

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



Have you turned on Wide spectrum and turned off noise isolation on your Mac operating system?




This issue is OS independent, it is an issue that Zoom seems to be disinterested in. There are numerous suggestions for aone solution and nearly as many responses that the suggested solution does not resolve the issue.